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Location, Location, Location.

The Problem: Our fight is not against the County advocating and supporting a waste consolidation and recycling initiative.  In fact, we honestly think that this kind of innovative thinking could be a darn good idea that needs to be explored further. 


What we don't support is the well intentioned but misguided thinking that putting a combined garbage consolidation and waste processing plant (including diapers and pet waste) right in the middle of a protected forest is a great idea. It seems to fly in the face of established best practices for forest management, as well as their own Official Forest Management Plan 2011 - 2030.  In the plan they state ... "“For many residents and visitors, the SCF (Simcoe County Forest) is the only opportunity they have to view actively managed forests; as such it provides an important opportunity to increase the awareness and value of forests.” 


Can you imagine what school children and visitors will experience (and think about how much we value our forest) when they take a hike down a forest trail right alongside the noise and stench of garbage trucks and see a factory at the end of the trail? Not exactly what Premier Drury had in mind when he indicated they would "experience the natural beauty and wonderous sounds and silence of the forest."


The Solution: This processing factory and transfer facility belongs in a site zoned for Industrial useProblem solved.

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