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Bottom Line?  
Help Us STOP this By Telling Council To STOP The Process Of Turning This Forest Into An Industrial Site!

The County selected a site for this initiative using criteria that strangely and unbelievably resulted in 5 out of 7 short listed sites being on County Forest Land. They chose as their "preferred site" a protected forest site over every industrial site in the County.  This site is in the County Forest right alongside the beautiful Horseshoe Valley Road - a gateway to visitors and skiers to our region.  The Council asked for public input and received (according to the official Consulting Report) 590 pages of "Public Feedback and Petitions." Feedback and protests from people who care deeply about the forest where they live, work and play.


Now is the time to tell Simcoe County's elected officials and our MPP Patrick Brown to stay out of our beloved County Forest.


The Warden for Simcoe County is Gerry Marshall.  He is the head of the Council. He has indicated he is 100% behind locating this waste plant in the forest directly adjacent to Horseshoe Valley Road and Nicholyn Farms (that supports over 60 organic farmers with their business).  Please e-mail him and let him know how repulsed you are by his selection of this site.  Mail to: Also, please email Patrick Brown, MPP, and let him know how disgusted you are with the elected officials who support this on the Simcoe County Council.  He can be emailed at:


The majority of Council members think that this initiative "will be showcased to the world" as a shining example of going green and using technology to everyone's advantage.  Instead, it will make Simcoe County and Ontario the laughing stock of the world.  This initiative will be scoffed at and ridiculed by green advocacy groups, the general public, and concerned constituents who really understand how fragile our forests are and how they need to be protected. We also intend to showcase this to the world - as our "shining example" of how our protected forests are NOT to be misused by the current elected officials of this County.


Check out our Facebook Page to see the latest news about what's happening.


Thank you so very much for your interest and support.  Friends of Simcoe County Forest.

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