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How You Can Support The Friends of Simcoe Forests Inc. 

*Support The Friends of Simcoe Forests by contributing financially. We gratefully accept e-transfers at or paypal via the donate button above

* Consider becoming a member of Friend of Simcoe Forests Inc.  With more members, the professionals we have hired will be representing not just Friends of Simcoe Forests but all of it's member too.  The larger the membership, the more impact they will have.  Please contact us about membership.  A contact page will be added soon.

If you host a summer party and want to sell memberships for the Friend of Simcoe Forests, let us know.  Anyone who feels the Simcoe County Forests are worth protecting will spend a few bucks.  Inspire people to get involved.


* Please donate to help pay for the professionals we've hired to fight for our mission to stop the rezoning of Site C136

There are many ways to donate.  

Donate using PayPal.   We now accept PayPal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard .

You can e-transfer your donation from your on-line account of your banking institution.  Send your e-transfer to  Make your secret question your phone number and we will contact you for the answer.

Please contact us for instructions to make a direct donation by cheque. 


* Fancy writing?  Contact us and we can send you a list of contacts and sample letters to send. 

Please send repeated emails and letters to all members of County Council and politicians.


* How do we continue to keep Friends of Simcoe Forests in the spotlight with the media and attention?  Spread the word about protecting our forest tracts and our immediate mission to protect Site C136, the Freele Tract and stop the MMF/OPF from being located at this agricultural zoned site.

Let other people know who live around Simcoe Forests that we are not looking to push the site into another forest, but only to a site already zoned appropriately (industrial)


* Visit Site C136 and look for endangered species at risk.  Email your pictures and videos to us with date/time (brown bats, red headed woodpeckers, etc.)   

A full list of the endangered species at risk can be found at


* Email us to be put on our volunteer list.  We need people to volunteer for fund raising events and canvassing neighborhoods for awareness and membership


* Check our web site often for changes and events.  Follow us on Facebook

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